Cracking down on posted bullshit

Has your friend been acting suspicious lately? Wondering where the hell that guy’s getting all his likes from? Does that photo look too good to be true? Better get the Bullshit Sheriff—a state of the art social media service that sniffs out lies and tags offenders with the truth

How it works

  • Sign up and tell us who reeks of bullshit on your social channels.

  • Our SSBSTF (Super Secret Bullshit Task Force) will track your friend’s posts and conduct a full BS Investigation®.

  • If bullshit is found in the analysis, it gets posted directly to the culprit’s social channels.

Case Cracked

The Poser Poster

John found himself rolling his eyes every time his friend posted to Facebook. He loved her to death, but knows she’s more of a five than a ten as far as cool points go. She needed a reality check, but John couldn’t be the one to do it. See how the Bullshit Sheriff handled the dirty work for him with a clean finish.

Reveal the Truth
Case Cracked


Jenny’s ex-boyfriend was constantly posting food porn shots and bragging about the ones he “made for himself.” Yet, why had he never offered to cook for her? If he really was a Batali in the kitchen, wouldn’t he want to woo her with his skills? Let’s take a look at the findings from our Bullshit Investigation.

Reveal the Truth
Case Cracked

Links of Lies

The only thing worse than LinkedIn junk emails are the brown nosers that trigger them with activity updates. Dammit Larry! Do you actually crank out baller websites every week? Have you really received over 50 design awards? Thanks to an annoyed follower, the Bullshit Sheriff finally got to the bottom of it.

Reveal the Truth

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